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About Us What is MOVΞ

MOVΞ is an innovative Web 3.0 health and fitness platform delivering unparalleled value and rewards at every step of your wellness journey.

Your MOVΞ membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which grants you access to a members-only community and the innovations that come with the MOVΞ ecosystem.

MOVΞ is redefining the health and fitness industry as we traverse this busy digital age together.


Our Vision

To help wellness-seekers everywhere - regardless of background - achieve their health and fitness goals with a revolutionary platform, delivering value and benefits beyond traditional fitness parameters.

Our Mission

To create an innovative membership platform that encourages health and wellness with an ecosystem that delivers benefits, builds value throughout your fitness journey, and rewards consistency.

Our Approach

Leveraging innovative technology to connect you to communities, knowledge and resources.

How we make this possible

By utilizing Web 3.0 technologies and NFTs, MOVΞ is able to create a community of members that we can provide unique experiences for. This unlocks unique financial models that allows MOVΞ to deliver ongoing, sustainable service offerings.

Stage 1

Initial Revenue

  • Membership sales - Initial Genesis launch of M1 and M2 memberships
  • Additional memberships will be strategically launched over time
Stage 2

Ongoing Revenue

  • MOVΞ premium service offerings
  • MOVΞ apparel and home-gym equipment store
  • Royalties from sales on the secondary market
  • Exercise-to-earn Tokenomics
Stage 3

Additional Revenue

  • MOVΞ retreats and events focused on fitness and wellness
  • Strategic partnerships (Merchandise, Gym/Studio chains, Health supplements and food etc)

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